Pod: Doug Pederson and James Harden Are Out; Should Scott Rolen Be In (the Hall of Fame)?

Considering the history of this podcast, it’s entirely possible – likely, even – that the Eagles will have either announced their new head coach or had the hire leaked by the media before this episode ever sees the light of day. This week, the guys talk about who they think will get the job and reflect on how the Doug Pederson era came to an end.

Also, James Harden is not a Sixer; thoughts are had. Finally, John makes the case for a not-so-beloved Philadelphia sports figure to achieve his sport’s highest honor.

The rundown:

• Joe gloats about correctly predicting Pederson’s firing as if it wasn’t the first thing he’s been right about in months

• John Reads The News™ (2:32)

• What Are You Drinking?™ (4:01)

• The guys discuss the Eagles parting ways with Pederson, the Jeffrey Lurie-Howie Roseman dynamic, the direction of the organization, and who the next coach might be (4:19)

• Sixers president Daryl Morey was reported to have had a deal for James Harden all but completed; the Rockets made the most of the “all but” part and sent him to Brooklyn instead, but the guys are fine with it (22:20)

• The Flyers’ season is finally underway, the mention of which eventually and inevitably leads to Joe complaining about them playing in Lake Tahoe next month (34:36)

• John pleads his case for why Scott Rolen should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, which is then discussed in both broad strokes and great detail at the same time; there’s something there for both purists and stat heads alike (38:29)

A Chat with Dave Shaw, aka @UKPhillies The Boo Birds Podcast

This week, the guys talk a little basketball and a little baseball before John has a chat with Dave Shaw, better known on Twitter as @UKPhillies.  Dave visited Philadelphia in 2012 and fell in love with baseball and the Phillies, and has gone to great lengths to grow fandom of the game – and the Phillies – in Great Britain. You can follow Dave on Twitter at @UKPhillies and check out his podcast, Broad Street to Britain, as well. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @BooBirdsPodcast and visit our website, BooBirdsPodcast.com!  Plus, leave us a five-star review on Apple Podcasts and you could win a Chase Utley bobblehead from John's collection (open to U.S. residents only because John has to pay for postage). — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
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  3. A Quick Update from the Boo Birds
  4. 26. 02/03/21: Why the Sixers are the #1 Team in the East
  5. 25. J.T. Realmuto Emergency Pod!

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