September 3, 2020: Arms Race

This week on The Boo Birds Podcast, John and Joe hit on a number of topics:

• A quick look at the news (1:58)

• What Are You Drinking?™ (3:22)

• The dire straits the Flyers find themselves in, while keeping an eye on Game 5 (3:48)

• John’s column on the Sixers’ possible true motivation for seeking a move to Penn’s Landing (9:04)

• Do the Eagles have a problem on their hands with Jason Peters? (15:41)

• The MLB trade deadline (23:05), plus the Phillies’ recent bullpen acquisitions and whether it will be enough to keep them in the race (28:41)

• The best and worst mid-season trades made by the Phillies (35:56)

11. 10/27/20: Beasts of the Easts The Boo Birds Podcast

  1. 11. 10/27/20: Beasts of the Easts
  2. 10. 10/20/20: Don't Call It a Comeback
  3. 9. 10/14/20: Chasing Claypool
  4. 8. Bad Things Happened in Philadelphia: The 2020 Phillies Postmortem
  5. 7. 10/06/20: We Waited All Season For Sunday Night

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